About Us

About Us

We are a platform-based customer service solution provider

Abawat redefines the new era of customer service industry and is on clear mission to continuously transform an innovative concept of cloud-based platform allowing customers and technicians to be closer and more efficiency of autonomous interactions in variety of services for your home electronic product.

Serving the demand of customers and business partners in all dimensions to maximize the profit and provide supreme experience, Abawat offers comprehensive services, diversely upon aspect of install & uninstallation and electronics cleaning and repairing.

Our Services

Explore Abawat’s wide-ranging services, including hassle-free installations, thorough cleaning, and precise repairs, all backed by seamless customer support, for an unparalleled experience with your home electronics.

Install & Uninstallation

Excellent installation and professional demonstration of Electronics products

Electronics General Service

Professional product cleaning with certified Abawat technicians and tools

Electronics Repair

Exceptional and affordable repair of all your electronics products with warranty

Why Choose Us

Abawat’s connected platform revolutionizes customer service by bridging the gap between customers and technicians through seamless, autonomous interactions. With innovative cloud-based technology, it enhances efficiency, ensuring prompt and precise assistance for home electronic products.
Abawat’s customer-centric approach lies at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, ensuring their satisfaction at every step. From personalized services to responsive support, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences that exceed expectations and build long-lasting relationships.
Abawat’s enhanced coverage extends far beyond conventional service boundaries, ensuring comprehensive support for our customers. With a vast network of over 180 partners, we guarantee high-quality, standardized services across various regions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously expand and optimize our coverage, providing reliable solutions wherever our customers are located.

Experience Our Convenient Mobile App

Our experienced team of professionals has handcrafted the most convenient way to get assistance at your fingertips for all your electronics worries.