About Us

A platform-based customer service solution provider

Abawat redefines the new era of customer service industry and is on clear mission to continuously transform an innovative concept of cloud-based platform allowing customers and technicians to be closer and more efficiency of autonomous interactions in variety of services for your home electronic product.

Serving the demand of customers and business partners in all dimensions to maximize the profit and provide supreme experience, Abawat offers comprehensive services, diversely upon aspect of install & uninstallation and electronics cleaning and repairing.

Enjoy efficient process automation options and effortless your desired service at home like never experienced before.

Excellent digital platform for Electronics services

Abawat Customer Care Solutions enable the digitalization of customer service operation with a disruptive and start-up working spirit.

Our solution value chains represent an inevitable trend of the global economy in the Internet era and new gen lifestyle which all resources are fully integrated at each tier of the “Platform + Operation + Partnership + Application” architecture with strong correlation and intense synergistic interaction.

Abawat breakthrough will overcome the boundaries of interests, resources and customer service between enterprises and build wide partnerships based on symbiosis, win-win and the sharing of resources.

The platform is owned by the company of TC LAB Co., Ltd. which is situated in republic of Korea and the development of platform is currently in progress and expected to launch in Thailand as the first country by the month of October 2024.

Cloud Based Platform

Abawat’s cloud-based platform revolutionizes customer service delivery by enabling efficient, autonomous interactions

Experienced Operations Team

Abawat ensures seamless execution and efficiency in delivering top-notch customer service solutions.

Extended Service Coverage

Abawat’s network of over 180 partners ensures high-quality and standardized service experiences for customers across various regions.

Excellent service coverages throughout all cities in Thailand

Abawat establishes intimate relationship with our strategic partner and contractual service network in Thailand. More than 180 service partners incorporate to fulfill the promise of high quality, standardized and reliable service experience delivering to customers.

 To help partners meet this promise, Abawat invests in new initiatives, such as web/app-based partner management portal, intensive qualification & onboarding program, pool of knowledge learning & development, and bring out the best of field service management know-how to facilitate and expand partners’ expertise, differentiate their skills, and maximize their unique contributions.

Ahead of us is an unprecedented world. That is constantly generating different experience and higher value for customers. As a partner with Abawat, our work and collaboration will be truly transformative, not just transactional. We value and deepen our partnership with you to drive our mutual success.

Let’s work together and become a part of something special.

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